Located just off the beaten track in Finnieston, Wee Green Place is a retail space for small independent brands based in and around the Greater Glasgow area, and very occasionally a little farther.

This city, our Dear Green Place, is full of talent. There are so many wonderful artists, designers & makers around here and a wealth of local, independent brands. We decided to put them all in one place. In our Wee Green Place.

Glasgow is a big melting pot of people with different backgrounds, cultures, styles and stories. The people behind all the brands we stock have their own unique styles and stories. Just like the people, every brand has its own story too, and we love getting to know them all. What you get in our shop is a little slice of Glasgow, of course with some Glasgow humour. (Don’t be offended when you see the c*** word dotted around the shop; it’s an affectionate term here.)

We’re not just green by name. (We’re literally the colour green as well. Really went with the theme…) But we also are aiming to be an environmentally conscious business. From the get go that was one of our main goals, and if you have a look around the shop you’ll see little details to this effect; our small display units are recycled and painted bits of old wood, our gift wrap display is made from the sides of an old cot, our window display is made out of painted apple crates. Even our paper bags are from a local supplier. There’s a pretty low mileage in Wee Green Place.

So many of the brands we stock strive for the same. We have no plastic wherever possible and low plastic or biodegradable packaging everywhere else. And we are always working to improve on this.

Find us at 74 Elderslie St, Glasgow, G3 7AL.