Hi! Hello! Happy New Year! Bliadhna mhath ur! Sláinte mhath! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

We had a great few weeks totally away from all work related stuff, spending time with family, watching far too much Netflix, drinking far too much gin… And it was magnificent.

We’re back now, with slightly different opening hours than we had in November & December. (Our opening hours were basically ALL the time until we closed for Christmas, so a break was much needed!

These are our revised opening hours for now:

  • Mon • 10-4
  • Tue • 10-4
  • Wed • 10-5
  • Thu • 10-5
  • Fri • 10-5
  • Sat • 11-3
  • Sun • Closed

Sometimes we’ll be there later in the evening; sometimes we’ll be there earlier in the morning; we have young kids & it’s currently just me running the show, my husband doing what he’s told & occasionally when stuff comes up we’ll have to close earlier or open later. We’ll do our absolute best to let you know if we have to change anything at short notice!

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