I’m not judging anyone for heading out to get some Black Friday deals. I’ve got young kids & I know how much some of the stuff that Santa brings can cost, so absolutely bring on those savings!

But like most other small businesses, Black Friday just isn’t a viable thing for us to take part in. We provide a retail space for very local brands, and we want to be able to pay them, and to be a sustainable business (in every sense!) So as I’m sure you’d expect, we aren’t doing black Friday weekend or any of that jazz.

Instead, I’d like to spread the small business love around & to show support for some of my favourite wee local businesses.

Even a tiny purchase from a small business is a huge deal. But a follow, a like, a share, a comment, a save or a tag on someone’s social media post spreads the word too. So go pop in for a wee look, head to their online shops or over to their social media profiles.

And in no particular order, here’s a wee list of some of my favourite local businesses and some of our neighbour’s that you should totally check out:

  • Sugarsnap – Chocolate Our next door neighbour & exceptional chocolate maker & also lovely human.
  • Mayze FInnieston – The loveliest staff & the best sosig rolls.
  • East End Press – The most wonderful, colourful christmas decorations & garlands.
  • Bairn Designs – Beautiful baby items & wall decals. (Run by possibly the nicest human being who’s ever lived.)
  • Green Living Glasgow – Another of my favourite plant shops & a business started during lockdown.
  • Allison Campers – A tiny wee campervan hire company based in the south side. Highly recommend.
  • Belltent Events Co – Yet another lockdown creation, Felicity provides the absolute best garden tent/event service.
  • Glasgow Plant Mama – Can’t have a list without this beaut plant shop on it.
  • Dreamcatcher Cabins – Dreamy fairylit woodland cabin stays.
  • Merry Go Round Glasgow – A charity shop providing high quality, preloved kids stuff. Reduce, reuse & all that.
  • Scran Glasgow – My favourite place to eat. Can’t recommend highly enough to be honest.

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