Twa Burds Soaps is a Glasgow based vegan friendly artisan soap company who produce a product range that is both considered and beautiful. Linz’s training as an artist brings a creative twist to the design and packaging of all her products.

The majority of commercial soaps on the market contain harsh chemicals that rob your skin of its natural protective oils. But not Twa Burds Soaps. They have a vegetable glycerine base which is beneficial for softening the skin, helpful for retaining moisture, and is non-irritating and hypoallergenic.

Twa Burds Soaps are against animal testing and do not contain any animal products, parabens, unnecessary preservatives and no palm oil.

All Twa Burds products are cooked up in their workshop by hand, and come with an extra sprinkling of love and laughter. Occasionally, a wee touch of madness also!

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