Here at Wee Green Place we are eager to ensure that we minimise our impact on the planet. There will always be a small amount of waste that is unavoidable, but here are some of the ways we are trying to keep this to an absolute minimum:

We stock items by local brands and most of the items we stock in store are handmade in and around Glasgow. A very small number of the items we sell are designed in Glasgow and made elsewhere, so they have slightly farther to travel to get to us, but our environmental impact is already minimal in this respect.

We try to minimise the amount of plastic we have in store; we have no plastic wherever possible and low plastic or biodegradable packaging everywhere else.

We only use paper bags, and the ink we use to stamp them with our logo is water based and non-toxic.

All orders leaving our store are sent in boxes made from recycled card, and we reuse the packaging from orders we receive by post where possible. (If you don’t want packaging/stuffing that has been used before please let us know when you order).