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These bamboo soap dishes are perfect for storing soap and conditioner bars. They include a detachable slotted base that acts as a drainage tray allowing excess moisture to drain away from the bar whilst also being easy to lift out and clean.

Reusaboo bamboo soap dishes are made from bamboo that is grown organically without herbicides or pesticides. It also grows extremely quickly so it uses land very efficiently. Plus when the time comes to dispose of the bamboo soap dishes they can be composted at home. So they are a much more sustainable alternative to plastic.


To prolong the life of your dishes it is best to ensure that they are not left to sit in a puddle of water or in humid conditions. Instead allow them to dry and occasionally remove the central tray and wipe it down with one of our bamboo dish cloths.

In addition, the bamboo soap dishes are coated in a waterproof paint to help prolong their life as well. It is nitrocellulose lacquer, which is derived from cotton (not acrylic based) and will biodegrade. It is completely non-toxic and vegan.


Reusaboo products are made in Fujian, China in a small workshop that uses bamboo from the local mountain; a sustainably managed source of bamboo. Working conditions in the workshop are good and follow the local labour laws.


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