Grounded Zen Yoga Mat Spray


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Bring a sense of calm to your yoga mat with Grounded Zen Yoga Mat Spray.

A blend of carefully selected citrus essential oils wrapped in earthy and musky patchouli with a hint of cedarwood that brings calm and balance.

As it contains witch hazel and antibacterial essential oils, this spray will clean and deodorise your mat.

Simply shake the bottle, spray it onto your yoga mat and wipe it with a clean cloth.  If you have a Liforme yoga mat, use a damp cloth and spray it onto the cloth before wiping the mat down.

Only the highest quality essential oils are used in every product without the addition of synthetic fragrances. The resulting scent will be 100% natural, releasing pure essential oils into the air to fill your space and you will receive the full benefits of each essential oil in each blend.


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