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Embrace your creative side with this Orca Embroidery Kit by Paraffle!

Unleash your creativity with this beautiful Orca Embroidery Kit. Perfect for beginners, this kit teaches all the stitches you need, while you create a charming paisley-patterned Orca piece of embroidery art.

These kits are Beginner-Friendly: No experience needed! Dive into the world of embroidery with ease.

Premium Quality: Enjoy top-notch materials including an embroidery hoop, organic and ethically produced fabric, vibrant DMC threads, and a needle.

Learn Embroidery Stitches: Master essential stitches with the easy-to-follow guide. From basic to advanced techniques, you’ll expand your skills.  Clear illustrations and directions accompany each stitch, making learning a breeze. Begin your embroidery journey now!

Discover the joy of stitching, learn new techniques, and create a whimsical masterpiece. Order the Orca Embroidery Kit today!

This mini kit contains:

  • Embroidery hoop
  • Organic & ethically made cotton fabric
  • Instructions, including a stencil and stitch guide
  • Pattern transfer paper
  • DMC embroidery threads & needle

All you need to create your own embroidered orca is a pair of scissors and a pen!


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