Paradise Island Botanical Wax Melts by Clyde Candles


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Fragrance your home with these beautiful, long lasting, individual botanical soy wax melts, made locally by Clyde Candles.

A sophisticated fragrance that blends the revitalising accord of bergamot with notes of exotic coconut and almond, which makes you dream of escaping to a paradise island.

Choose 1 or 2 just for you. Or, put any 10 Clyde Candles wax melts in your basket (10 of the same or 10 different Clyde Candles botanical wax melts) and we’ll pop them in a lovely gift box.

Each wax melt fills your home with sensational aromas for up to 10 hours.

You can create your own unique fragrance by melting different scented wax melts together.

Approx. -80g


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