Scottish Hooley Bergamot and Lemongrass Scented Soy Candle


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In Scots/Irish a hooley is a wild or noisy party.

In the Highlands of Scotland we often refer to a strong wind or gale as a Hooley, as in blowing a hooley. Our Hooley has a fresh, citrus, uplifting aroma which can help as a pick-me-up from exhaustion, and is designed to be uplifting and restorative.

This candle is a party in a tin to help you whip up a hooley in your life.

The fully recyclable aluminium tin measures 65 x 50mm and contains approx. 120g of wax with an average burn time of 25-30 hours.

Each tin has a tartan ribbon wrap making it a luxurious and perfect gift ready candle from Scotland!

Hand blended – no colourants – no animal product – cruelty free – cotton wick


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