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Epronto’s delicious seitan ragu has been created in cooperation with Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, Scotland.  We have developed this recipe using traditional ingredients used in the Venetian cuisine and seitan, which is a gluten-based protein.

We achieved a yummy meaty consistency and a burst of flavours with this product that everyone can enjoy.

Satisfying to eat, it has a particular taste and marries well with many combinations. Seitan lasagna is one of the best vegan alternatives to the regular bolognese Lasagna.

  • Seitan Ragu is NOT GLUTEN FREE.
  • Perfect with any type of pasta or rice, it still is completely Dairy Free.
  • Enjoy a quick, easy and tasty vegan meal in the comfort of your own home, without the need to cook for a long time.


Each 250g jar suits 1 to 2 portions.


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